Who We Are

RET AMERICAS d/b/a RET USA, Inc. is an independent 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, registered and headquartered in Washington, DC, since 2005. It covers all operations in Latin America, the Caribbean Region, in Africa and everywhere else in the world. It receives funding by the governments, private sector foundations, corporations, and individuals of Canada, the USA, Central and South America.

The RET brand was originally created through the vision of Mrs. Sadako Ogata, former UN High Commissioner for Refugees, who, in 2000, founded RET International and chose Geneva, Switzerland, the humanitarian capital of the United Nations, as the headquarters for RET, in order to work closely with UN agencies. www.theRET.org

RET Americas benefited from two decades of RET’s know-how, developed through more than 360 projects and implemented in more than 32 countries, and is now part of the RET Alliance, with strategic partnership with international and local organizations.